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Service Description

Do you need website customization? Website edits? Or you want someone always available to process the request you send about your website. For example your form on website is not working or you need a new contact form?

You need a 24/7 Assistant who can do these type of things for you.

Here is what this includes:
  • 24/7 Unlimited Website Edits & Customization Requests
  • There are several circumstances when you need edits on your website. For example you may need to change image on slider for your marketing campaign. Some parts of your website layout might not looking right you have better idea. These are all WordPress edits you can request with WordPress maintenance support.
  • Performance Optimization
  • We know the importance of website performance either its related to speed or is it related to validation of code W3C. Or your website is sending unused code which is compromising the speed. As google take’s it really seriously so we take too. Sadly we have seen people ordering WordPress optimization service and considering they are done with website performance. They should know with each WordPress update, theme update, plugin update you always need to re optimize website performance. WordPress speed optimization is continuous work which we do weekly.
  • SEO Audit & Optimization
  • The hard earned money you are spending on your website we know it very well. Without traffic on website its useless how good website you have. We provide you SEO reports. With our WordPress support service you get detailed reports on how you can improve the ranking of your website. We regularly review your website and provide you list of keywords which should be ranked and which can be ranked. On other hand we also make sure your website’s code is 100% according to search engine’s requirements. Proper headings and titles usage is part of this report.
  • Bullet Proof Security
  • As you keep getting spams on your email address. Just like your emails your website is always on threat no matter what you are offering. We keep your website secure. Our bullet proof security ensure you that you get awesome security and uptime of your website. As we told you WordPress is very popular CMS. That’s the reason WordPress keep releasing new updates regularly to avoid any threats. Reason is simple if attackers can enter into 1 website that means they can to 34% websites as well cause they know the backdoor. People think after installing security plugin they are done. But they are wrong an expert WordPress developer have intelligence to sense which plugin, theme or WP update can keep the backdoor open for bad guys. So you get rid of this issue also we provide you regular backups as well.
  • Weekly Updates & Reports
  • How long have you been using WordPress since? Let me tell you i am using WordPress since 2006. Have you seen any major design or feature replacement since then? So what these updates are for when looks, features and theme is almost similar to previous update. The answer is hidden on above paragraph its security. WP is on continuous target list of several attackers that’s why its always important to keep your WordPress, themes and plugins updated. So any security or backdoor issue can be resolved with update. If you go for only Update Customized WordPress theme service it will cost you. But with maintenance service you get weekly updates within your package.
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • With our special systems we keep an eye on your website 24/7. Which makes it sure your website is giving 100% up time. Your website is working on its best 24/7 as well. With each report we always make sure your website is growing and staying up all the time nicely.
  • Important Note: This service is on monthly basis, so you would have to re order this service every month! and before 10 days of ending the month we will submit the job to approve so we can move to new month’s contract.

  • To host your site for free on our hosting, you need to purchase our service $150 per month. Free hosting is provided for sites with a volume of no more than 1GB.

Constant Website support $150/m


Total: $150/m

What we need to start:

  • Your WordPress Logins
  • Your Envato API to install the Envato Market Plugin for auto theme update and plugins
  • Your Hosting Logins
  • Your Google Analytics Access so we can generate reports and give you good suggestions to improve
  • Your Google Search console access so we can generate reports and give you good suggestions to improve
  • Your Work email so we can send you reports every 2nd week.